Hello there!! Im delighted that you stumbled across this site. My name is David Hopkins and I’m the author and publisher of “Culture Craze”, a humble but dutiful new Blog that in the months ahead will explore all facets of the American culture, everything from music to sports to crime and politics, which is pretty close to being the same thing.

I started up this humble site after a few years publishing a Blog named “The Jukebox Hero” on the old now defunct Orble Network before it suddenly disappeared (literally overnight) sometime in 2015. The “Jukebox Hero” was a fairly widely read music and entertainment Blog and had plenty of subscribers but the dubious manner by which Orble vanished, leaving thousands of paid writers hanging with no way to retrieve their intellectual property, left a bad taste in my mouth, and it’s only now that I’ve felt comfortable enough to return to a formal writing platform……and, fortunately or unfortunately, this is it. Besides, there’s so much juicy stuff out there to cover today, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to get back into the swing of things.

I’m a Child of the 60s and have been eternally fascinated by the cultural aspects of an ever-changing World, especially in the USA which seems to be changing daily, and certainly not always for the better. I’ve worked as a Sports Editor for a couple of newspapers and covered a lot of music and music artists in my time, written copious movie reviews, and this Blog will devote lots of space to that. And politics? Oh my, yes! Politics indeed will flow here, sometimes like honey and sometimes like hot lava. I wrote for the Army’s “Stars And Stripes” for awhile as a younger man and covered lots of men and women who specialize in the art of politics so I think I might have some good insights in that area, too. In short, here at “Culture Craze” I hope to be both informative and entertaining, probably more than a wee bit controversial, and I invite you to stop by when you can. Your thoughts and comments will always be welcome, whether you see things my way or not.

Welcome to “Culture Craze”.

Published by

David Hopkins

Retired journalist and health club Administrator. Sports and Entertainment blogger with an eye on American politics.

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