By David Hopkins

Soon The Sanctity Of Life May Win Out Over Selfishness

Thanks to the unremitting courage and compassion of the State of Texas combined with fervent pro-life advocacy by certain Mississippi residents there is reason to believe that a baby’s life is about to finally gain the intrinsic value which has been otherwise denied for nearly fifty years in the USA. Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 not to block the new Texas law that bans abortion past six weeks of pregnancy. Referred to as the “Heartbeat Act”, the Texas law will protect an unborn baby from being murdered once the heartbeat has been heard. The ruling is a key step in establishing a baby’s right to life that was crushed in 1973 by Roe v Wade. And while this is a most encouraging decision for pro-Life advocates—-and I am definitely one—– the High Court will hear an even bigger and more far-reaching case this Fall, Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which if decided properly could well put an end to the scourge of abortion altogether in this country. The news of the Texas decision hit with all the explosiveness of Thor’s Hammer sending bolts of lightening crashing to Earth causing stunned pro-abortion advocates to recoil in horror and launch into loud angry protests over what they realize is a ominous sign of things to come for Murder Inc.

No two ways about it, Roe v Wade is hanging by a thread.

Rather than delving today into the maze of nuanced legal arguments which will certainly form the eventual decision in the Dobbs case, I’ll leave those matters for the qualified and far more capable lawyers who will do their best to make the Court see things their way in the Fall. I can only write from the position of ethics and morality, which I think, more than anything, should play a key factor here, and what I earnestly hope the Supreme Court will rely heavily when the anticipated day of reckoning comes.

Can you imagine that since Roe v Wade was decided in 1973, there have been over 62 million abortions carried out in the USA? That’s right, 62 million. A staggering number of murders. More deaths than the Civil War, World War II, and Viet Nam combined. And don’t get it twisted, these ARE murders. Ghastly murders. Messy deaths riddled with horrible pain. Mass murder committed against humanity’s most innocent and vulnerable diminutive darlings. It is incomprehensible to me that humans fail to understand that when they consent to abortion they are violating God’s most sacred law—-the deliberate extinguishment of the life of another human being. In this instance the life of an innocent helpless baby who has done nothing to merit this kind of malicious fate. A tiny human who lies quietly and peacefully alone within the snug confines of the Mother’s womb only wanting to be nurtured, somehow sensing that ahead lies a bright welcoming world of love. In 2020 there were approximately 880,000 aborted babies in America. How can any American be OK with such a prodigious number? The new laws in Texas and in Mississippi were specifically designed to protect the baby’s right to carry on that spark of life he or she was given while growing inside the womb.

The new laws in Texas and Mississippi reflect a fundamental truth of human existence—— life is good and honorable and worthy of legal protection from those who wish to arbitrarily and capriciously end it. That is particularly meaningful when it’s the parent who helped create you that’s plotting to kill you. It’s no different than the protection any one of us adults deserve as we walk down the street or drive to our jobs or relax at some public venue without being assaulted or worse, killed. This truth reflects what is clear in our Declaration of Independence and the words of our Constitution—– that life is sacred FOR ALL and abortion is Unconstitutional as repugnant to the principles of basic decency. Abortion is an assault on God’s holiness, a callous repudiation of moral restraint, a wayward unprincipled plunge into a dark stinky cesspool of an archaic practice born primarily out of selfishness. It is a barbaric ritual that robs society of a life created with intended purpose.

And how do pro-abortionists counter this? Why, with the same tired mantra they’ve been using for decades: “My body. My decision.” How many times have you heard that one? Yet, what these murdering Mothers conveniently overlook is that it’s not their bodies under assault but the bodies and lives of their helpless babies who are unable to cry out for protection from harm. In an attempt to justify the murder of the baby, pro-abortionists generally utilize a two-step approach—–First, they seek to devalue the baby’s life by referring to it in denigrative terms such as a “cluster of cells” or any number of similar demeaning pejorative meant to dehumanize the growing fetus. Then, after feeling they have successfully accomplished the act of devaluation, they feel emboldened to suggest that such a worthless clump of random cells and feckless material growing inside them is worthy to be washed down the drain at an abortion clinic or otherwise harvested for some dubious research project.

In recent years pro-abortion groups have altered their messaging strategy, relaxing the slogan of “free choice”, to claim instead that abortion is simply essential “health care” for women. References to abortion or “abortion services” have been replaced in pro-abortion literature by the more softer euphemism, “abortion care”. This is not only disingenuous, it is an outright lie because abortion is the antithesis of healthcare. By claiming an objective basis in medicine, when there is none, abortion supporters seek to marginalize health care providers around the country who disagree with them, dismissing these Americans as not living up to “the standard of healthcare”. Far from being integral to our health care system, abortion is something vile that supporters seek to impose on that system by the force of law. Abortion proponents can call it any name they’d like, but ultimately it all boils down to nothing but murder.

For me, and for millions of Americans who now stand resolutely for Life, it simply boils down to one essential question: Weighed in the balance, is the right to life of the unborn baby more important, morally and Constitutionally, than a Mother’s choice to randomly terminate that life? In every case the answer is a resounding YES!

Similarly, legalized abortion is an overlooked tragedy for Black Americans. Abortion impacts African Americans at a higher rate than any other population group. In a recent Report released by the Centers For Disease Control (which maintains population figures in the USA), according to the Report, black women make up 14% of the childbearing population but are responsible for 36% of all abortions. At a rate of 474 abortions per 1,000 live births, Black women have the highest abortion rate of any group in the country. This statistic is very peculiar to me and sufficiently disturbing, because of the emphasis placed on the national consciousness by the “Black Lives Matter” organization that ALL Black Lives have meaning and importance. I mean, we’ve heard the loud outcries from every section of the nation backed by a multitude of TV commercials and public service announcements and sports kneelers aplenty that stress Black Lives Matter strives to produce equality among lives of every Black American, and the organization has been extremely ferocious in hammering home that point. One has to wonder why BLM is not so demonstratively alacritous when it comes to protecting the lives of precious Black babies who are senselessly murdered in eye-popping numbers every bit as much as they protest the deaths of Black adults whose lives were taken precipitously. Is there a double standard at work in the case of “Black Lives Matter”? Or are we just being selective as to whose lives matter most? I wonder if out of the 22 million Black babies who have been aborted since the decision in Roe v Wade, how many would have grown to be teachers and scientists and professional athletes and social activists if they would have been allowed to live?

And out of the woodwork comes the angry apparition of our President, Joe Biden, an old doddering relic trumpeting his ignomy over what he calls an “assault on the Constitution” the Supreme Court decision represents. He tells us the Texas law is unconstitutional. Even “Unamerican”. He bristles that the Texas law unleashes “unconstitutional chaos” on America. (His script writers must have worked overtime for that one). Biden, who professes to be a Catholic but willingly endorses wholesale abortion, paints a perfect example of a President steeped in hypocrisy with no moral compass, a charlatan who lacks integrity and fortitude to stand up for true victims of crime. Biden blathers about constitutional rights for pro-abortionists but we need to quickly remind Joe Biden that the Constitution never mentioned anything about slaughtering babies.


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David Hopkins

Retired journalist and health club Administrator. Sports and Entertainment blogger with an eye on American politics.

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