By David Hopkins

On this day, many of our Congressional Representatives are busy giving remembrance for the horrid attack on the World Trade Center Towers and Pentagon by el-Qaeda on 9/11/2001.

But where is this one?

Where is Ocasio-Cortez?

And where are the members of “The Squad”?

Have these typically loquacious members of Congress forgotten what this day represents? Hardly.

You won’t be seeing Omar or Ocasio-Cortez or any member of The Squad offering any commiseration or sorrowful gesture about the infamous 9/11 terrorist attack because they are in reality America-hating terrorist sympathizers who would love to see the destruction of the USA. Omar is probably crafting some insane little piece of propaganda even as we speak in an attempt to justify the 9/11 terrorist attack as she has done in the past.

No, you won’t see Ilhan Omar and the Squad giving condolences or paying tribute to first responders and firefighters who put their lives on the line during the attack. Their sympathies lie with the terrorists.

Published by

David Hopkins

Retired journalist and health club Administrator. Sports and Entertainment blogger with an eye on American politics.

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